Ice cream boxes and cups

Since 1997 Food Packaging Ltd.

Food Packaging Srl was born in 1997 from the union of the company Dell'Advanced Anelio and C. s.n.c, Delights of Carta Sas and Box Gel Srl operating for years in packaging with sectoral specializations of use.

Food Packaging Srl has merged the packaging compartments into a single logistics entity: food, non-food, and gift, in order to provide a global response to your demand for fast, reliable, comprehensive and volume-contained services.

Union Is the Force

Food packaging is the result of the merger of three companies, together we managed to bring under a single brand: design expertise and experience.

In Showcase

Discover our wide range of items, from Styrofoam trays to bio-eco bamboo paper ice cream cups, manufactured strictly to food contact standards.